Oh I really do wish computers could add

Oh I really do wish computers could add, and multiply, and ... [code language="c"] float H = 1.00794; float S = 32.065; float ...Read more

I have an idea how I can get away with premeditated murder (from a DNA typing perspective)

In a recent DNA typing project, I was again 'swabbed' and my DNA profile determined and loaded up into a Country/National DNA database as an ...Read more

In excess of 96% compound purity/Code test coverage

The Chemistry Bit I recently attended a lecture where a commercial organisation proffered their nous in designing and developing lead-compound kinase libraries. It was ...Read more

Flattening a Dictionary of Lists with LINQ

I am quite fortunate in that being a Freelance Contractor, I can pursue only work that interests me. It is always a bonus when ...Read more

SGM+ DNA Profile Test Data Generation

Some years ago I needed to create a few hundred million SGM+ DNA profiles as dummy/test data. Although the DNA profile file/input format ...Read more