Selected Projects

The following are selected projects I have/am undertaking either within the UK or on-site with clients in the US, Switzerland, and Germany.

Pfizer Sandwich UK and Groton (MA) US

Architectural design and the software development of a .NET LC/MS sample registration, component tracking, and laboratory instrumentation automation system for use by analytical chemists in Pfizer Sandwich and Groton R&D laboratories. Some additional public information regarding this specific project can be found in J. Chromatogr. A 1050 (2004) 159–171, PDF Icon (372kb).

Further information and some contact details describing this system can be sourced from the Pittcon website in a 2013 abstract titled Development and Implementation of an Informatics Solution to Enable Analytical Quality By Design (AQbD) LC Methods Development.

University College London Surgical & Interventional Trials Unit London UK

Initial development and on-going long-term support of a Breast Cancer clinical trials patient registration and reporting system. The full trial details were reported in The Lancet 2010, (9735), 91-102 with more recent peer reviewed BMJ contributions as recently as 2020. The authors also kindly acknowledge my small contribution to this research in their research papers.

Santander London UK

New development and feature-set enhancements on systems with a technical focus of C# and Oracle and a domain focus of FX system reconciliation and Trade Surveillance within a Data Warehouse environment.

Osthus Aachen Germany

Chemoinformatics SME for IR, LC UV, MS, ELSD, NMR, GC and other analytical techniques; development and maintenance of an LC/UV analytical chemistry PoC system.

Cellmark Forensic Services Abingdon UK

New development and feature-set enhancements to a forensic laboratory sample tracking and registration system. The technology stack included .NET, Oracle, and some legacy technologies. Some of the more interesting aspects of this project included human DNA profile matching and the interoperability with third party systems including the UK National DNA Database. Given the ongoing interest of Dr. O’Shea in this field, Woodward Informatics also offers as a COTS product C$WILDNA1 (full details including a PDF flyer can be found on the products landing page).

Telefonica Munich Germany

Oracle .NET Vantive/PeopleSoft Developer for a core CRM system encompassing subscription, account, tariff plan maintenance, client and automated correspondence etc, and technologies for ageing out individual identifying data in accordance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz.

Credit Suisse Zurich Switzerland

Oracle .NET BAU Asset Management (AM) developer for two systems and their dependent technologies supporting various asset-weighted hedge fund indexes and daily positions.

Citigroup Belfast Northern Ireland UK

New development and existing system maintenance for a complex multi-asset/structured product issuance system (inc. autocalls, barrier monitoring, complex underlyings structures and payoff sections and their up- and down-sides, tax question/eligibility automation, automated document generation for key trade terms, pricing supplements and term sheets, ….) with focus on a technology stack that included web services and API’s, JSON, C#, Oracle, MongoDB, NUnit and more.

GlaxoSmithKline Stevenage UK

Development of Java and Oracle automation components for the purposes of migrating a corporate and globally used R&D chemical and medicine discovery application from the technology of one informatics vendor to the technology of another.

UBS Zurich Switzerland

Development of a C# DotNet Core Proof-Of-Concept (PoC) Web Service API for synchronous content sniffing, ‘wrapping’ the content in an alternative format using third-party open-source libraries, and integration within a microservice architecture.