Selected Past Projects

The following are selected projects I have undertaken either from the UK and on-site with clients in the US, UK, and Germany.

Pfizer Sandwich UK and Groton (MA) US

Design and development of a .NET LC/MS sample registration, component tracking, and laboratory instrumentation automation system for use by analytical chemists in Pfizer Sandwich and Groton R&D laboratories. Some additional public information regarding this specific project can be found in J. Chromatogr. A 1050 (2004) 159–171, PDF Icon (372kb).

Development and Implementation of an Informatics Solution to Enable Analytical Quality By Design (AQbD) LC Methods Development. Further information on this project can be sourced from the Pittcon website here.

University College London Surgical & Interventional Trials Unit London UK

Development and on-going long-term support of Breast Cancer clinical trials patient registration and reporting system. Full details of the trial were recently reported in The Lancet 2010, (9735), 91-102. The authors have also kindly acknowledged my small contribution to this work in their paper.

GlaxoSmithKline Stevenage UK

Development of Java and Oracle automation components for the purposes of migrating a corporate and globally used R&D chemical and medicine discovery application from the technology of one scientific software vendor to the technology of another.

Cellmark Forensic Services Abingdon UK

New development and feature-set enhancements to a human forensic DNA sample tracking and profile reporting system.

Santander London UK

New development and feature-set enhancements on systems with a technical focus of C# and Oracle and a domain focus of FX system reconciliation and Trade Surveillance.

Osthus Aachen Germany

Chemoinformatics SME for IR, LC UV, MS, ELSD, NMR, GC and other analytical techniques; development and maintenance of an LC/UV analytical chemistry PoC system.