General IT Rant

Junk DNA – Junk Oracle, part 0000003 …. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS

Almost every week I write or enhance software components that are deployed into a PROD environment. Every week, the full-fat versions of the ...Read more

Oracle, the gift that keeps on giving

When using Oracle I sigh often (from the perspective of a database developer). Oracle have, by design, implemented instability into their execution plan costings. ...Read more

I am a fungible (don’t know the meaning?) resource

Human Resources - what a stupid name. It is almost patronising to think of someone as a resource, although admittedly it does feel ...Read more

I am not ‘On the spectrum’, I just expect consistency!

My first calculator was a Casio FX81. At the time for someone in their teens in the late 80's in NZ, it was the ...Read more

Is the default response to work out something we already understand, or Google it regardless?

I have many email accounts. Some with spam and virus filters, some without, some personal, some for business, some as redirects from a couple ...Read more

Legacy System – You’re damned if ….. full stop

Within the past year or so, I have worked with an utterly shameful technology. It was initially marketed in the early 90's as ...Read more

Shall I write a mock, shim, stub, ….? I will opt for none of them thank you

I have a licensed third party API, it cost my company around 7,200€, and it was provided as part of an integration layer ...Read more

Pay up or we’ll release a porn video of you. Only US$300

OK, firstly this blog post is a general IT rant, left field of my normal rants, and atypical of my normal technical and business ...Read more

Sorry – 2TB of data is sooooooooo much disk space!

2 TB, or 2 terabytes, or 2,000,000,000,000 bytes is sooooooooo much disk space, of course you can't have a clone of of the ...Read more