Stories from 2016


Below is the most trivial of C# applications that generates an enumerable anonymous class collection, and spits out the content to the console. ...Read more

If your IT department or company policy is stopping you from conducting business, change it, don’t try to change me !

It is 2016 and after living in the same house for 15 years, I am moving.  I am using a recommended solicitor and ...Read more

Oracle database version 13ß anyone?

I have been working with Oracle since version 8i, version 8.1.6 to be exact. Version 8.1.7 was the version number that finally worked. ...Read more

Junk DNA – Junk Oracle, part 0000002

Most high level programming languages implement a selection control mechanism whereby a variable can be used to control program execution via. a multiway ...Read more

Der Hund beißt den Mann

Embedded deep in the psyche of kiwis my vintage is a fear two things: a) the 'Murder House', a place where en-masse dental nurses filled more than ...Read more

Junk DNA – Junk Oracle, part 0000001

Not so many years ago, junk DNA was thought of as the DNA remnants from some evolutionary path, perhaps where we had fewer ...Read more

Oracle MERGE: Elegantly updating to a sequential version number

It is often important to have a sequential version number (or other value such a credit note or invoice number) associated with piece of ...Read more

C# Often Surprises Me, part: 000001

The C# specification is clear, the language documentation second to none, and there are few surprises about language behaviour or .Net framework on a ...Read more

Oh I really do wish computers could add

Oh I really do wish computers could add, and multiply, and ... [code language="c"] float H = 1.00794; float S = 32.065; float ...Read more

I have an idea how I can get away with premeditated murder (from a DNA typing perspective)

In a recent DNA typing project, I was again 'swabbed' and my DNA profile determined and loaded up into a Country/National DNA database as an ...Read more