Company Overview

My name is Michael O’Shea and I founded Woodward Informatics Limited mid 2011 to allow me to solely specialise in bespoke software development, systems integration, and business analysis in the scientific sector. My background is synthetic organic chemistry and for the best part of the last 15 years I have been working solely as a scientific software developer and informatics practitioner. I generally work with higher educational, scientific, bioscience, agrochemical, or pharmaceutical organizations, or organizations that help people or work with or develop scientific technologies that I find interesting.

More recently I have also undertaken London Banking and Finance IT Development roles, specifically in Trade Surveillance, a field and sector that has enabled me to extend my domain knowledge to something well outside my comfort zone whilst also enabling me to hone my skills with software development and performance in a “big data” environment.

My experience includes working with small and large organizations, on projects that have lasted a few weeks to projects that have lasted years with months permanently spent at remote client sites in the UK, US, and Germany. I have interacted with all stakeholders, from scientists and business banking analysts that use and/or define an applications feature set and functional requirements, to project managers and staff responsible for application rollout and ongoing support.

My hands-on experience has also specifically included roles where I have a) augmented existing IT development teams with additional .NET, Oracle, Java, or bio- and chemo-informatics scientific domain development skills, b) conducted in-depth technical Feasibility Studies, assisted users in the development of User Requirement documentation, written Software Requirements, Architectural Design documentation, and System Test Scripts, c) developed Proof-of-Concept systems, d) migrated scientific systems from the technology of one vendor to the technology of another vendor, e) provided the glue to integrate the technology of many different vendors providing something that is end-to-end useful for the business, and f) being an ‘honest joe’ providing independent review of documentation or code reviews, or preparation of documentation, for third party software houses or consultancies.

I pride myself on being an easy and accessible fellow to work with and will always go the extra mile to meet your expectations and when necessary be available in your time zone off-the-clock!


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